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Emergency imaging Vascular and thoracic imaging analysis solution
  • MRI
  • CT

Instantly receive the information essential to your interpretation with our automated neurovascular emergency solution

  • Optimize your management of stroke cases
  • Standardize your emergency imaging workflow
  • Boost confidence in your interpretation

Despite recent progress in terms of stroke management, healthcare professionals are still confronted by many challenges in their clinical practice. From admittance to assessment, these emergencies would gain from having a specially dedicated solution.

In order to meet this need, Olea Medical has developed a unique solution optimized for stroke management with its new AP 1.5 platform. The autoNeurovascular solution has been specifically thought out and designed by experts in the field in order to support healthcare professionals at every stage in the admission and assessment of neurovascular emergencies. 

Solution imagerie des soins urgents

Optimized interpretation and monitoring throughout the patient’s admission process

auto Neurovascular

The aim of the autoNeurovascular solution is to optimize the hospital flow of patients suspected of having had a stroke through a full package of applications dedicated to neurovascular imaging examinations in the acute phase. Accessible to both CT-scanners and MRIs, and drawing the essence of each of these methods, it allows clinicians to turn to the first method available without losing time. This solution has been designed to generate automated reports and provide the key information to specialists in the aim of supporting them in their analysis and interpretation.

auto Chest Pain

Designed to manage patients suffering from chest pain, the autoChest Pain solution includes a suite of advanced algorithms and AI tools to speed up and improve decision making. They allow for assisting healthcare professionals in detecting and prioritizing cases in which patients are suspected of suffering an aortic dissection or pulmonary embolism after a CT-scan examination.

  • A single environment for all your solutions
  • Optimized workload and management
  • Standardization via intelligent automated reporting
Emergency Imaging booklet Download
  • Olea case report: Stroke: Left MCA Occlusion with Hemorrhagic Conversion
    Stroke: Left MCA Occlusion with Hemorrhagic Conversion
    A 64yo man with an important history of smoking presented a sudden onset of right hemiparesis and global aphasia while watching TV with his wife. The patient was taken to an the hospital and received a CT head negative for a bleed.
  • Olea case report: Stroke: Fronto-insular MCA occlusion
    Stroke: Fronto-insular MCA occlusion
    A 73yo woman presented with acute onset left hemiparesis with confusion and imbalance. BP was 188 – 88mmHg and medical history showed diabetes. Upon arrival, GCS eye subscore was 3, GCS verbal sub-score was 4 and GCS motor subscore was 4.; EEG was abnormal due to an underlying structural lesion in the right fronto-temporal region.
  • Olea case report: MRI-Guided Thrombolysis of a Wake-Up Stroke
    MRI-Guided Thrombolysis of a Wake-Up Stroke
    An 82 year-old man with a history of hypercholesterolemia, experienced Broca’s aphasia and right hemineglect with hemihypoesthesia when waking up at 5:30 am. Upon arrival at the hospital, his BP was 200 - 100 mmHg with an NIHSS score of 7. The ECG showed a QS complex from V1 to V5 with no chest pain. MRI was performed 4.3 hours after waking up. FLAIR and T2* images were normal. CBV was increased inside the area of decreased CBF (autoregulation).

Our full solution

Optimized - Standardized - Accessible

Schema Neurovascular 1

Overview of the main functions

Intercranial hemorrhage
CT large vessel occlusion
CT perfusion
ASPECT score
CT collateral perfusion
Diffusion-perfusion mismatch
DWI/FLAIR measurement
MRI collateral perfusion
Mobile app  Neurovascular Care
Dedicated web workspace

3 figures to remember

Every year

million people across the world suffer a stroke


0 %
of strokes are ischemic

A patient loses on average

million neurons every minute they are not being treated
chang Dr Peter Chang, MD Co-Director, Center for AI in Diagnostic Medicine, Assistant Professor-in-Residence Radiological Sciences, School of Medicine, UC, Irvine
In multiple internal and external benchmarks, we have seen that the performance of hemorrhage detection exceeding 95% accuracy and a higher than 97% accuracy in vessel occlusion. These are benchmarks that we are very comfortable in and helps the clinician gain trust, ensuring that the AI solution is a tool that they can work with a reliable and robust way.

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