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olea medical neurology mri and ct imaging

Olea Sphere® 3.0

Neurology Solution

The complete solution for managing neuro-oncology and neuro-pediatric imaging.

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olea medical better mri and ct analysis image

Better Analysis for Improved Patient-Centric Care

Our breakthrough tools are seamlessly integrated into your daily clinical workflow to assist you in every steps of your decision-making in pre- and post-treatment environments.

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Seamless diagnostic and follow-up through duration of care

Our comprehensive vendor-neutral neurology solution provides key information for benign and malignant differentiation as well as a clearer view of therapeutic response and disease progression.

  • CBVcorrected and Permeability computation
  • ASL computing
  • DTI assessment
  • ADC mapping
  • Temporal subtraction map

A deep-dive into our neurology solution


  • DSC Computation
  • Diffusion computation
  • Fiber tracking
  • CT perfusion computation
  • BOLD Option Coming soon


  • Volumes of Interest (VOI)
  • Mismatch assessment
  • Temporal substraction
  • Fusion
  • Measures


  • Standardized reports
  • Seamless sharing



Journées Francophones de Radiologie 2019

11-14 October 2019.
Palais des Congrès, Paris.


In-depth information about Olea Medical’s innovative technologies

Improving patient care and diagnostic confidence.


American Society of Functional Neuroradiology (ASFNR)

3-5 November 2019
Hilton Financial District, San Francisco

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