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Olea Cares :
Visualizing a World Without Need

As a socially responsible company, Olea Medical embraces opportunities to support cultural diversity, society, and the one planet we all share.

Olea Cares - Visualizing a World Without Need

“Through our Olea Cares program, we proudly partner with organizations that are devoted to sustainable development and the general well-being of world populations.”

Fayçal Djeridane, CEO Olea Medical

Olea Cares logo
Olea Cares - RUBies - women battling cancer


RUBieS (Rugby Union Bien-être Santé), France’s leading health rugby club, is the result of coordination by the French Rugby Federation (FFR), the Occitanie Regional Rubgy League, and doctors from the Oncopole de Toulouse. It unites women battling cancer with those who are in remission for sport and camarderie. In addition to the club in Toulouse, RUBieS teams have also been established in Marseille and other regions of France.

Visit the RUBieS website
Olea Cares - ElFoMa - One Water, One Community


The ElFoMA association, based in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer in the Var, supports socio-educational, humanitarian, and environmental projects in France and abroad. Created in 2017, it launched the “One Water One Community” project which aims to raise funds for building wells in countries where access to water is a luxury. The first was carried out in Sudan.

Visit the ElFoMa website
Olea Cares - Drummers For Peace - Man drumming

Drummers For Peace

Formed in the wake of the 2015 Paris bombings, the 1000 Batteurs pour la Paix movement promotes peace in the world through music. On 16 May 2020, the International Day of Peace, thousand drummers from all over France will come together on the Champs de Mars in Paris to celebrate this great cause.

Visit the 1000 Batteurs website
Olea Cares - Conte de Fées - Senegal socio-educational support

Conte de Fées

The Conte de Fées association has been helping create, develop and finance socio-educational projects in Senegal since 2012. Based in Ille-et-Vilaine, it has already produced community gardens, a school, and is in the process of working to develop men’s and women’s football by providing technical assistance to small clubs, training educators, and equipment.

Visit the Conte de Fées website
Olea CSR policy illustration

Olea Medical’s CSR Policy

Respect and protection of the environment; the well-being and fulfillment of human beings, and; sustainable and ethical product development. These are the fundamental values of Olea Medical, and our philanthropic program is a reflection of these commitments.