Olea Sphere 3.0

Olea Sphere® is an automated & multi-vendor post-processing solution for MRI and CT scanner images.

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Fully automated CT/MRI post-processing

When time is of the essence, receive your report automatically by email, with Olea Pulse® a proprietary technology of Olea Medical. Olea Pulse® is not a black box. You can access all the post-processing steps and modify parameters, anywhere, at any time.

Regardless of your hardware, the process is transparent and the results are standardized.

You can also monitor the flow of patients cases being post-processed, in real time.
Improve your productivity with Olea Pulse®.

Olea Pulse® is the offline processing of Olea Sphere 3.0.

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New Olea Imagein magazine 2017

Issue Number 4 - October 2017 - JFR-RSNA Edition

MRI holds a central part in the forthcoming medical revolution, the one who will transform in-depth the diagnostic and curative potential of imaging.
In this 4th edition of Olea ImagineIn, you will read about the new promising technologies everyone is talking about, presented by the experts who are already using them: from GlucoCEST to texture analysis, from Sindex to Kurtosis as well as from Synthetic MRI to functional MRI. Dive deep into the sphere of innovation.

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Take part in OLEA INNOVATORS contest

Are you working on an innovative project about MRI?

Olea Medical® invites you to apply for the 2nd Olea Innovators Awards.
Theme: Innovative MRI techniques for diagnosis and follow-up of devastating diseases.
The winners will win rewards!

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    Testimonial IMADIS, Lyon

    “There were two reasons we decided to use Olea Pulse® {…} firstly, Olea generates parametric maps using vendor-independent software. Secondly, the semi-automatic workflow.”

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    Àlex Rovira, MD

    "We began working with Olea a few years ago, but the biggest change was when we got Olea Pulse®."

  • Testimonials

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    Kambiz Nael, MD

    “Ease and accuracy of Olea Sphere® is excellent and makes “advanced image processing” feasible and a reality in our extremely busy clinical schedule.” Download the complete testimonial