Olea Medical®, a provider of advanced MR and CT perfusion imaging post-processing, designs and markets innovative medical imaging applications significantly improving diagnostic processes and treatment evaluation.

Olea Medical® was incorporated in 2008, but its history began in 1998, when its founder, then a young medical school student, decided to transition to computer engineering.
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Meet Olea Medical® at JFR and attend lunch symposia

Olea Medical® develops and markets innovative software applications in order to improve the diagnostic process, based on MR and CT imaging. The company became a major player in the post-processing applications field, and offers today high ...
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Recently published AJNR paper brings new evidence on clinical andeconomic value of Bayesian post-processing in MR imaging

“Bayesian Estimation of Cerebral Perfusion Using Reduced-Contrast-Dose Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion at 3T” by Nael K(1), Mossadeghi B(1), Boutelier T(2), Kubal W(1), Krupinski E.A(1), Dagher J(1) and Villablanca J.P(3) has been recently ...
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