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Stroke Applications

Treatment decisions within minutes without human interaction

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Neurovascular MRI & CT applications with easy integration into IT systems, operator-independent and compliant with all vendors

Automation &
standardized process

Full automatic applications to maximize productivity and bring flexibility with a 24/7 iinstant access.

The Leader in Neurovascular Imaging

Our MRI & CT stroke applications offer Advanced technology used by research centers adapted to fit the interpretation confidence and needs of clinical practice.

Multiple Volumes Computation

Automatic color-coded volume maps and mismatch map to ease and quicken interpretation as well as decision making.

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Automated & Customizable Report

Automatic reporting with custom email notifications to boost collaboration between specialties.

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Key Features Overview


Automatic low ADC volume computation
Automatic hypo TMAX volume computation
Automatic Mismatch assessment
Automated PDF case reports via email or DICOM
Mobile device viewing capability
CT perfusion
MR perfusion
MR diffusion

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No sales pitches. Just quality information and clinical relevance.

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Clinical Studies

Find out about who are using and how our solution.

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