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Olea Sphere® 3.0

MRI & CT Advanced Visualization 

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Fast, accurate solutions for improving productivity and care

olea medical advanced visualization neurology


Key information for benign and malignant differentiation with seamless integration into your daily workflow.

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olea medical advanced visualization oncology


Faster lesion characterization, increased confidence for therapeautic strategy, and improved treatment response evaluation.

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olea medical advanced visualization women's health

Women's Health

Dedicated breast MRI solution for characterization, follow-up, and planning of interventional procedures.

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olea medical advanced visualization sports medicine

Sports Medicine

State-of-the-art techniques for diagnosis and follow-up of sports-related and orthopedic conditions.

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olea medical advanced visualization cardiology


Automated and vendor-independent solution for cardiovascular disease assessment and improved workflow.

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Mount Sinai Dr Kambiz Nael
"Ease and accuracy of Olea Sphere® is excellent and makes ‘advanced image processing’ feasible and reality in our extremely busy clinical schedule."

Kambiz Nael MD, Icahn School of Medicine
Mount Sinai, New York, USA

Developing intelligent applications to provide optimal patient care is our mission. Empowering you to thrive in this new era is our will.

Institutions worldwide using Olea Medical solutions
Year Olea Medical was founded - 10+ years of innovation

Dedicated imaging applications to bring diagnostic confidence and improved workflow

Current version of the post-processing Olea Spere® platform - intuitive, fast and accurate

Streamline Your Work

Olea Sphere® 3.0 automated and multi-vendor post-processing solution for MRI & CT scanners enables the fast evaluation of many pathologies and features instant quantitative and qualitative multi-parametric maps.

Designed by Olea Medical® and relied on by more than 250 leading institutions globally, both for clinical and research purposes, Olea Sphere® is an intuitive, fast and accurate solution for improving productivity and the whole patient care process. Discover the solution most suited to solve your needs.

Olea Medical Enterprise Program

Our business service team is dedicated to helping organizations get up and running quickly as an Olea Medical partner or distributor.

olea medical choose your integration

Choose Your Integration

From basic to full-featured accesss, we offer a range of integration levels to best suit your partnership objectives.

olea medical flexible business models

Flexible Business Models

OEM, white labeling, grey labeling, API's, custom branding, and dealer certification. Grow your business with Olea Medical.

olea medical resources for success

Resources for Success

Leverage the expert support of Olea's sales, training, technical, and marketing teams while operating autonomously.

Build Your Sales with Olea’s Business Services

Our structured enterprise program brings value for our partners and distributors, featuring a dedicated Olea team resource for project management, pre-sale and sales support, 24/7 technical assistance, application training and marketing for congresses, asset production and social network relays.


Marketing, development and installations


Business development, sales team support and e-Learning platform


Key accounts, industrial partners, public tenders, direct/local distribution.

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olea medical business services

200+ Clinical and Research Institutions

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