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Functional MRI Application

Seamless mapping of the brain to identify critical functions.

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olea medical functional mri application

olea medical functional mri practical clinic workflow Practical Clinical

Less clicks and more automation to help you focus on sensitive steps of your care.

olea medical functional mri streamlined specialties Streamlined
Through Specialties

Compliance with neuronavigation system, all maps and DICOM objects are exported*.

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Neuroimaging software for fMRI and fiber tracking designed specifically for clinical workflow.

Brain and Areas Integrity Assessment

Focus on specific areas using VOI or activated areas to estimate brain integrity and highlight potential abnormalities.

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functional MR Brain and Areas Integrity Assessment
Advanced DTI

Advanced DTI Research

HARDI-based method for tractography to estimate crossing and splitting of fiber tracts.

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Key Features Overview



Compliance with Neuronav System (Brainlab)

Offline computing


Fiber tracking

Advanced DTI (HARDI) Research

Orthoplane visualization
Laterality index
Activation filtering
Time intensity display
Patient motion
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