ico-2Brain lesions

Olea Sphere® enables to access a complete MR brain lesions solution, including dedicated suites for Oncology or neuro-degenerative diseases and neuro-pediatrics non-invasive perfusion and diffusion techniques.

Quantitative and qualitative multiparametric analyses

Perfusion maps instant computation (including K2)

Use a perfusion technique without contrast agent injection

The ASL plug-in is a non-invasive perfusion technique measuring blood flow without contrast agent injection.

Extract the neural tracts in 3D with our DTI / Tractography plug-in 

From diffusion tensor sequences, the DTI plug-in computes all the fiber bundles and parametric maps (FA, VA, RA, RD, AD, MD, TRACE W, COLOR DTI).

Effectively track lesions evolution with temporal subtraction

With longitudinal analysis mono or multi-modalities, quantify changes in lesions between different time points.

This plug-in includes an optimized technology of temporal subtraction.

The automatic 3D co-registration and normalization features provide efficient follow-up of chronic diseases (i.e. tumors, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative conditions).

Quantify atrophy and brain abnormalities
with NeuroQuant®

The state-of-the-art solution
for brain quantification

Five fully automated volumetric reports to aid clinical physicians and researchers in:
Quantifying brain structures
Assessing neurodegenerative conditions
(Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Traumatic Brain Injury)


An automated, fast & accurate brain structure analysis

NeuroQuant® is an ideal tool for performing longitudinal follow-up to enrich treatment planning and disease progression monitoring.

A more objective diagnosis process through:

  • The segmentation and automatic quantification of brain structures
  • A comparison with the normal volume
  • A quantification of neurodegeneration.
  • The automated computation

More information: http://www.cortechslabs.com/neuroquant/

They trust us

Raphaëlle Souillard, Centre Imagerie Paris Centre, Paris, France

‘Olea Sphere® has the advantage of providing maps that other manufacturers can’t: starting with permeability mapping, which is very important data for us in the study of brain tumors.’