May 18th, 2018

Olea Medical® and Brainomix join forces to revolutionise stroke imaging with the e-STROKE SUITE

e-STROKE SUITE is the complete decision support software for the assessment of CT and MR scans of ischemic stroke patients.

Olea Medical®, based in La Ciotat, France and Brainomix, based in Oxford, UK have joined forces to launch the e-STROKE SUITE. e-STROKE SUITE is the most complete imaging solution for stroke, which will transform how imaging is used in the field. It is the most holistic imaging solution available anywhere for clinical use, and integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, proprietary Bayesian postprocessing methods and big data to support the assessment of plain CT, CT Angiography (CTA) and CT/MR perfusion scans. Core components of the e-STROKE SUITE include e-ASPECTS and Olea Sphere® which are medical imaging solutions developed by the two companies that are already in use in hospitals around the world. The e-STROKE SUITE offering also includes the e-CTA software solution recently launched by Brainomix.

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