6 December 2016

Learn more about the latest techniques on stroke imaging at ESO-ESMINT-ESNR Stroke Winter School

Discuss and train on acute stroke treatment with stroke physicians and neuroradiologists.

31<sup>st</sup> January – 3<sup>rd</sup> February / Bern, Switzerland

I wish to know more about the complete course program.

Faculty of the ESO ESMINT ESNR Stroke Winter School
Dr. V. Caso Italy (ESO)
Prof. L. Pierot France (ESMINT)
Prof. O. Jansen Germany (ESNR)
Prof. U. Fischer Switzerland
Prof. J. Gralla Switzerland
PD P. Mordasini Switzerland
Prof. L. Pierot France
Prof. R. Wiest Switzerland
Dr. Pascal Mosimann Switzerland
Prof. K. Lees UK
Prof. I. Szikora Hungary
PD ML. Mono Switzerland
PD S. Jung Switzerland
Prof. M. Arnold Switzerland
Prof. J. Fiehler Germany
Prof. C. Cognard France
Prof. B. van der Worp Netherlands
Prof. M. Steinlin Switzerland
Prof. S. Debette France
Prof. V. Costalat France
Prof. J. Beck Switzerland
PD H. Sarikaya Switzerland
Dr. A. Webb UK
Prof. C. Bassetti Switzerland
Prof. T. Tatlisumak Sweden
Prof. R. Mikulic Czech Republic
Prof. P. Michel Switzerland
Prof. R. Chapot Germany
Prof. W. Z’Graggen Switzerland
Prof. T. Engelhorn Germany
PD M. El-Koussy Switzerland
Dr. Felix Zibold Switzerland
Dr. Tomas Dobrocky Switzerland