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Our ambition
is to innovate, improve patient care, and preserve life 

olea medical's innovation begins with its employees
Year Olea Medical was founded - 10+ years of innovation

Countries worldwide where institutions use our solutions

Technology patent families
olea medical company values

Our Values

At Olea Medical, one overriding value rises above all others: preserve live. Our mission is to create innovative imaging solutions that serve human beings by delivering improved diagnostic information for better patient care.

Fayçal Djeridane - Founder of Olea Medical
"We are talented dreamers with a single mission: Improved diagnosis for life"

Fayçal Djeridane, Olea Medical’s Founder and CEO

olea medical technology

Our Technology

Olea Medical has built its reputation as a global innovation leader using a unique scientific approach based on Bayesian algorithms which allows us to overcome the limitations of medical imaging. The Bayesian method has improved the signal processing method to more quickly obtain reliable and accurate data, which greatly improves the diagnostic capabilities and patient care. Today, our solutions combine the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) with deep learning tools that have been tested by clinical experts, researchers, and imaging specialists.

Why Olea Medical?

Our Ethic

We develop our imaging solutions within regulatory and ethical frameworks that respect the principles of autonomy, benevolence, and equal access to care for all patients.

Our ambition


    We constantly strive to improve our solutions’ performance, bring new features to market, and engineer our user interface to be increasingly transparent and intuitive.


    We are experts in the medical and scientific fields, and we collaborate closely with international scientific boards and globally recognized institutions.


    We engage with the scientific community by sharing our expertise through multiple publications and lectures.

Olea Medical Publications

Our Group

Olea Medical became part of the Canon Medical Systems group in December 2016. The merger was formed to broaden the Canon’s MRI capabilities and provide Olea Medical with the resources to reach its ambitions. The objective is to share a comprehensive range of reliable, accurate, easy-to-use and fast tools that are accessible to everyone for the post-processing of whole body MRI and CT imaging.

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