Olea Sphere 3.0

Olea Sphere® 3.0, automated & multi-vendor post-processing solution for MRI and CT scanners, enables a fast evaluation of many pathologies.
Olea Sphere® offers instant quantitative and qualitative multiparametric maps.
Designed by Olea Medical® and used by more than 200 leading institutions worldwide, both for clinical and research purposes, Olea Sphere® is an intuitive, fast and accurate solution, improving the productivity and the diagnostic process.

  • Brain lesions Brain lesions

    Olea Sphere® provides a complete package of multi-vendor applications to detect and characterize brain abnormalities.

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  • Neurovascular Neurovascular

    Since some emergency situations cannot wait, receive your fully automated stroke report by email anywhere, at any time.

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  • Head & Neck Head & Neck

    Olea Sphere®MR Head & Neck applications provide instant access to diffusion and perfusion (DCE) maps and multiparametric analysis, presented on a single screen.

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  • Musculoskeletal Musculoskeletal

    With Olea Sphere® MR musculoskeletal applications, benefit from quantitative techniques and a dedicated report for early lesions detection, characterization and grading.

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  • Women’s imaging Women’s imaging

    Olea Sphere® MR breast and female pelvis applications have been especially developed for the detection, characterization and grading of breast and gynecologic lesions.

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  • Prostate Prostate

    Olea Sphere® MR prostate applications provide the computation of qualitative & quantitative diffusion and perfusion parameters and include PI-RADS 2 report.

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  • Additional plug-ins

    To go further, complete our organ-dedicated applications with add-on plug-ins.

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  • Maintenance

    Olea Medical® provides high-quality and responsive application and technical support. Discover our Maintenance and Support options.

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